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 need some companionship

 - and some tyin'.

The first FIRESIDE CHAT, at Red's Realm

FEATURING: Sir Red. Sir Roper, tracee, and shevette!

Things didn't start out well for our first ever FIRESIDE CHAT. It had been a rough day for all of us, but things did get better, as you will see...


tracee and i had made some plans in advance, we were both decided to wear our Hooter's uniforms that we had gotten to wear on Halloween. That much had worked out well. i was worn to the bone from work when i showed up at the mansion. tracee didn't say anything, but i think she'd had a rough day too. Sir Red was tired and Sir Roper was even a little bit late. The costumes helped though and the thought of maybe getting tied up made my tummy feel funny and my spirits were lifting... 


shevette i hate to rush in like this tracee
tracee np
shevette just now got home from work, changed and came right over
tracee u caught at work?
shevette ya
tracee i figured
shevette bear of a day
tracee jobs suck
shevette j o b = Jackass Of a Boss
Went to Catholic Sunday school and everything!tracee always
tracee used to piss me when the boss hadda ask me what to do
shevette taking off jacket
tracee woo woo
shevette halp! can't get arms outa sleeves
tracee you just donít wanna
shevette *stomps on jacket* take that an' that aní that! huh? what'd ya say tracee? *kicks jacket one last time*
tracee nuthin
shevette lol oy vey
tracee u Jewish?
shevette catholic, born and bred. How was your day, you know how mine was.
tracee it was ok not eventful. usually arenít and i like it. i was catholic.
shevette "'tis best to live in uneventful times" o boy
tracee yes my "job" lets me chat and watch soaps lol
shevette ya ya ya
tracee no money but wat the hell
shevette giggle i get good bucks, but... sheesh! Then too i do have the fastest Internet connection ever. i sit right on an Internet backbone.
tracee huh
shevette a backbone is a mainline for Internet connections
i relate everything to bondage. Picture of a smart cookie(tm). tracee use the money to get out of debt i think thatís the key to survival for the near future
shevette we are saving to do an addition onto house if i ever get with child
tracee i think you should adopt
shevette i dunno, we've talked about it
tracee u donít wanna be 60 when kid is in high school
shevette lol
tracee well, do the math
shevette true. good grief, yer right! hadn't thought about that.
tracee <-------------smarter than she looks
shevette tracee is a smart cookie
tracee i think its easier to get an older kid
shevette not as young as i usta be
tracee mee too
shevette ya, youíre 33?
tracee 32, 33 in dec, but i'm gonna skip it
shevette dad burn whiper snapper! Iím 36! lol
tracee sick of birthdays
shevette ya, start young skipping them, wish i had started at 18
tracee never did see a reason to make a big deal out of 'em. Iím not into rituals and ceremonies
A motorhome...shevette hmmmÖ i think i may be
tracee most people are
shevette part of the attraction of bondage i think
tracee hahahaha
shevette really
tracee everything is to you lol
shevette whatcha laughing at???
tracee you
shevette ya, i try to live bondage 24/7
tracee i know
shevette it's nice
tracee i know
shevette defines roles and all and we got rules. some are funky, but i like Ďem
tracee do you ever drink diet-rite shev
shevette usta
tracee i think itís the best
shevette can't find it around here any more
tracee i know, it is hard to find. Typical, find a good product u cant get it
shevette usta like... ummm that drink, kinda like sprite, except sour
tracee o squirt had grapefruit taste, good wit vodka
shevette i like sour things usta put peanuts in it and drink like that, a meal inna can
tracee lol hillbilly lol
shevette i think we have some wine here, lemme get a glass if it's ok?
tracee u know wat a hillbilly 7 course meal is? a six pac and a passim
shevette a hammer and a six-pack that's a hillbilly tool kit
shevette country wine=screw off cap
shevette hillbilly wine, pop-top
tracee lol
shevette drinking arbor mist, white zinfandel, want some?
tracee in a box?
shevette screw off cap - i'ma classy
tracee the damn corks in wine bottles are now some composition shit you cant get Ďem open this stuff is real hard and it crumbles
shevette that's so the wine is crunchy. arbor mist is hard enough to get open, whoever screws those caps on must be built like Paul Bunnun
tracee get a channel lock, opens anything
shevette used nut cracker
tracee same deal
...spankable...shevette if worse comes to worse, drill and blast
tracee wer'e takin a few days fer a lil trip next week
shevette whew! whotta day!, where ya going?
tracee San Francisco, long weekend
shevette can i go too?
tracee shure we got a motor home
shevette ya that's right, break my heart! never been outta NC
tracee really? i traveled so much with my ex
tracee i lived in san fran for a while
shevette i'd love to be able to do that - get out and see the world
tracee better knot have kids then
shevette gotten offers from movie producers and everythingÖ
tracee real movies or the bondage ones
shevette real movies
shevette they wanted me to do story boards for them
tracee i donít like the bondage videos
shevette usually me either
tracee too amateurish
shevette we've got 2-3 of them, some are downright ugly!
tracee it would be nice to hire real actresses and real camera men and do a tasteful bondage flick
shevette Speaking of bondage Ė weíd better get in the den and do some serving or they are going to be in here looking for us. You ready?
tracee sure! Mista Ropah isnít here yet though. Do I look alright?
shevette You look delicious tracee!
tracee So do you!

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