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Updated: November 3, 2002

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The bet was that tracee and i, and any one else who wanted to, go to a Hooter's, or out somewhere, on Halloween night and while in public get tied up. Or just celebrate Halloween as a bondage holiday. Halloween was yesterday and here's how it went for me...

The day before Rob put me on restriction:

No bondage
No sex
No talking about Halloween night

That had me frustrated in more areas than i'd care to mention, but i guess i have to try. Part of the deal was for me to be dressed up in a Hooters uniform. That meant that Rob and i needed to visit the Hooters of choice and get one for me. We hadn't. Rob promised me that all of that would be taken are of and my constant reminders are probably what landed me on the restrictions above.

Bondage is fun, i love it. We aren't into the sado side of it although we have tried it and i do have this thing where i like to be submissive - everyday!

The evening before is when the butterflies all started and i was given restriction. Looking back on it, i guess the restriction was what allowed us to live through this thing. i've had guys (lovers) before and even with Rob they like to make this forecast that in a number of hours or days i will find myself tied up by them. To the guys reading this: don't do that! i know it's supposed to build up anticipation and all, but it can also have a down side that will muck-up your play time. i can take the promise of being tied up at some preset time and date two ways; the anticipation intended, or the frustration of waiting mixed with the idea of being taken for granted.

This time i was just excited and couldn't wait to get started.

Yesterday, Halloween, started like most days, except with a super-sized helping of butterflies. i went to chat and talked with tracee. We mentioned the 'event', but didn't get into a lot of talk about it, even though i was almost dying to pull her into a private conversation and just vent some giggles until i felt all better.

i hung in chat a little longer than i might most mornings. i did want to compare notes with tracee and i sure as all get out did not want to go to work yesterday morning. i've been having some health problems lately and i have to eat in the mornings now and it makes me plumb sick. i'm getting better though.

So i got out of chat, finished what i was eating, put my face on, finished dressing, and got out in the world headed for work. Yes, my mind was half on what was to come that night. i stopped at the same store where i get my cigarettes everyday and was walking across the parking lot.

Suddenly i noticed a truck backing out of one of the parking spots. It was turning and headed right for me. Obviously who ever was driving was not paying attention to where they were going - and they were speeding up! i froze in my tracks and realized this truck was going to hit me - hard! It was going to knock me down and probably run right over me! Finally i got my senses and ran for all that i am worth and got out of the way just in time. Safe i turned back to the still moving truck and gave it the best kick i could manage. The guy inside (who was still looking the other way) jumped in his seat so hard that it looked painful. He stopped the truck, looked around and saw me. He started to roll down he window and i shouted something like, "Hey! Watch it!" i started to walk around to the partially open window, but who ever he was just drove off totally confused and embarrassed. He should have been embarrassed, he wasn't taking my Halloween plans away from me!

At work they called a special meeting in another office at a different location and i was told to go and see what they had going on. i jumped back into the car and almost got ran over by an 18 wheeler! This was not starting off as a good day! i was tempted to go home and hide under the bed! At lunch i went with one of my co-workers and made her drive - safely! i was still very worried about the day i was having and why so many things seemed to want to pop up and ruin my plans for that evening.

Oh, i forgot a detail - when Rob had left for work he had given me a note with instructions:

No bondage talk all day, especially in my morning chat
When i got home from work i was to

get my shower
do what i was going to do hair-wise and make-up-wise
not dress, not even panties or a bra
get the handcuffs and tie myself up; hand and foot

Needless to say i got hung up at work so i was ten minutes getting out of there and since i had ridden at lunch with someone i hadn't been able to stop by the drug store for my medicine. That translated into my getting home at 6:00. i threw down my stuff and headed for the bathroom noticing that the computer was online. i needed to free up the phone line just in case Rob was having the same kind of day i was having and needed to call me. Sir Red was online and we exchanged a few words wishing each other a good, happy, and safe Halloween.

i jumped in the shower and got that done along with my hair and most of my make-up when i heard Rob come charging into the house. He came by the bathroom i was in and kissed me then he went and got the cuffs. He came back and had me chained up in seconds and brought me into the living room ordering me kindly to not say a word. i landed on the couch and looked up at him with great big doe eyes. One of those situations where i had so much to tell him and so much to ask that if i had been allowed to speak i wouldn't know where to begin anyway.

Then he smiled at me. One of those patented smiles of his that let's me know that he loves me and that everything is going to be alright. i could actually feel the tension of the day melting off of me. Gotta love him!

He went and got a package and tossed it on the couch beside me. All he said was, "I hope you like these." before he went back and got his shower and dressed.

Ya, i dug into the package! It was my Hooters uniform! i was so glad that he had managed to get it for me! This was going o be a great night. Heck it already was. Everything was going to be alright!

i was still digging through the package when Rob returned wearing a monk's robe. He was going to be the sex-crazed monk and i the kidnapped Hooter's girl! i laughed happily. This was going to be fun!

He released me and told me to get dressed - in front of him! lol

Without all the details; i was in pantyhose, white crew socks, white tennies, orange short shorts, strapless bra, and the white Hooter's tank top. As and added measure i also wore something i picked up. Kinda like leg-warmers for the calves and kinda like slouch socks.

For the last month almost it has rained everyday and yesterday was the first time we had seen the sun in a long time. The weather is changing and we are starting a cold spell (cold for this region anyway.) It was promising to be a rather chilly evening, outside anyway - i was, on the other hand, starting to heat up nicely.

Everything about the Hooter's outfit was skin tight and i just love that feeling. i was feeling very sexy and the look in Rob's eyes told me that we didn't need to go anywhere, but i had promised tracee - and outdoor bondage is soooo exciting...

Speaking of bondage; to my outfit Rob added leg irons and he handcuffed my hands in front of me. He looked like he had an idea and went and got my tennis sweat bands for my wrists. Two bands for each wrist, one over the other, then he put the handcuffs over the wrist bands making them good and tight. Did i mention that i like tight? Anyway he wasn't done yet. He added an old black stocking over my head. i have a few of them and we never throw them away, they make good bondage gear. Finally he added a chain between my wrists and my leg irons. Normally this allows me to get my hands almost as high as my chest, but he must have decided that since this was a special occasion that he needed to double the chain so that it was only half as long, forcing me to stoop over when i stood up. He put on his Friar Tuck gone-mad mask and we were ready... more than ready actually!


Now here's a point. Opening doors for us. i think i can open any door for myself that a man an open - but not when i'm tied up like i was. i couldn't even get my hands up high enough to touch the door knob. And another thing, helping a woman down some stairs, i needed that help then. i got it too. These things are kinda like a wedding ring, you do know that it started out as a symbol. Back in the day young men used to kidnap the girl of their dreams and put them in chains until they agreed to marry. Even then the wedding ring was there to remind of the 'bond' between them. There sure musta been a lot of tying going on way back then.

Anyway, there's a cold snap going on around here and while my outfit made me feel sexy as all get out the wind felt like ice on my body. We got to the grass and Rob just happily bounds ahead to open the door to the truck and he stands there watching me hobble over to him. Well, over to my car. It's a rule that just happened when we were dating; when we are together in my car he always drives and when we are together in his truck i always drive. Seeing how it didn't seem to likely that i'd be doing any driving that night it had to be my car that we went in.

He opened the door for me and helped me get in. What i mean is he strapped me up in my safety belt, copping as many feels as he wanted. That was ok, it helped warm me up again, but by the time he got in on the other side i was shivering from the cold. He turned on the heater and headed into the night.


It was around nine before we got to the city. Rob was allowing me to speak again and aside for a herd of butterflies coming back to my tummy i was a pretty happy camper. By the way, for those of you who are not subbies, being ordered to silence is not a punishment. Actually it's a good thing, not easy, but good. It keeps me from blurting out something that might confuse Rob or take away from the moment. And if it gets to be too hard to keep my yap shut there's always a gag or something that can be used as a gag nearby. You'd be surprised how good a gag a pair of panties and a bra make! - And it happens!

i was being the good little subbie though and Rob had even let me pull the stocking over my face up enough to expose my chin and mouth and given me a ciggie during the trip. i could still see through the stocking. It was like wearing sunglasses at night though.

Now it was almost time to 'land' and get out of the safety of the car and stand up straight in the city with people around us while i was tied up. Well, stand up as straight as the extra chain would allow.

Rob circled around until we found an area of the parking lot with a burned out street lamp. Kind of a reversal from the norm where i make sure to park in a well lighted area. Parking in the shadows would allow me to get out of the safety of the car and acclimate a touch before going to Hooter's. Sounds like a small thing, but it wasn't, trust me on this.

Rob got out and opened the door for me. The cold hit me and reminded me of how exposed and vulnerable i really was. He leaned over and freed me from the seat belt. i felt him touch me and the touches felt... well, they were electric because of the cold maybe. They also felt warm and reassuring because i needed that. They also gave me something to cling to because i needed his strength to protect me. i shivered from the excitement and when i was out of the car standing on my feet i was trembling from the cold. Either that or i shivered from the cold and trembled from the excitement, not sure on that point.

Rob decided the chain needed to go and removed it and tossed it back in the car for the trip home. i could stand up straight now and it seemed reasonable to me that the leg irons didn't really show up that much - unless you looked for them and i could kinda cross my arms over my chest so the handcuffs didn't show up at all, hardly. At least the chain part was hidden. Of course once we started walking i had to be very careful what i was trying to step over. In leg irons those little cement curbbie things found in most parking lots aren't something one can step over any more, it's step on; step off, kinda like the exercise.

Rob put his arm, and some of his robe over my shoulders and we began heading towards Hooter's. That's what i thought. Rob explained that the Hooter's place wasn't in this part of town. He just wanted me to walk around with him and feel the excitement - like i hadn't been doing that for hours already - make that days.

Actually it was kinda quiet, except for the traffic. Lots of cars going by. Lots of chances for someone to spot my leg irons...

There were a few pedestrians, none near us thank goodness. Lots of cars and once we got away from where we parked my car plenty of lights. We went up the sidewalk to the corner of a building and when we turned everything kinda changed. First off we had a couple walk right by us. i froze like a deer caught in headlights! They were joking and wrapped up on their own world, not even holding hands. Rob had his mask on and they did acknowledge our costumes with a glance. My legs got a second glance and if they noticed the leg irons nothing happened. If anything they probably noticed my knees trembling or shaking. i was still pretty cold even though Rob's arm on me helped.

We walked up the sidewalk a bit and giggled a bit back and forth at each other. i giggled, Rob snickered, my knees shook. Rob asked me if i needed a coat or a jacket or something. i nodded. Getting back to the car would be nice i thought to myself. What we were doing was fun, but i didn't want to over do it, right?

Men do not think like we do. i thought we'd go back to the car to get the coat, Rob decided he'd go get it, because i couldn't move as fast as him. Ok, in all fairness when he said he'd leave me in front of that well lit store and just be gone a second i didn't think i'd be in much danger not really.

Not until he darted off and i was standing there all alone! Tied up even! In public! Did i mention i was alone?

Woo woo!

A car passing by could suddenly stop and a herd of hoodlums could spirit me away! Bondage is fun, because it's not really real, but being kidnapped for real would be horrible. i guess about the only thing good about being a subbie in the situation that i was in was the fact that more than most i know what it's like to be tied up and i can defend myself more than someone who has just been tied up for the first time.

As if to prove me wrong two young guys took that moment to take shelter from the light , but cold breeze in the same store front where i was standing! Actually the whole sidewalk, the whole parking lot suddenly became alive with people. The two guys had just noticed me when four young women who seemed to be with them all ducked in next to me. They were giggling and having fun. As it turned out where i was standing was right next door to one of those mall cinema things, the kind that show a couple dozen movies all the time, and it had just gotten through with one of them and people were pouring out. Instant crowd, and me in the middle! Alone! And tied up!

And wearing next to nothing!


Ok chill, it wasn't too spaced out. There were lots of people wearing costumes. Most were just wearing like a mask or something simple. Guys did the usual hippie, bum, or cowboy kind of a thing and the women that wore costumes were doing something that involved tights and leotards as in Ma'am Butterfly, fairy princess, or a pixie. If it hadn't been Halloween i would have stuck out like a sore thumb, but that's why we have this one night a year when we can get out and make things happen.

Two of the girls/women had talked the guys out of their coats and one was putting hers on when she noticed me. "What are you supposed to be?" she asked without malice.

"A kidnapped waitress?" i replied, hoping that would be enough.

One of the guys noticed my wrists and with the brashness only alive in the male youth reached over and stuck enough fingers under my crossed arms to pull them forward so that he could see that i was wearing handcuffs. "Nice cuffs!"

Normally i'd smack a guy for being that familiar with me, but normally i'm not in public tied up, and he did it so quickly and easily that it just took me off guard. So there i was standing there with my hands in front of me, handcuffs shining for everyone to see, passer-by's included.

"Are those real?" the first girl asked.

i nodded.

"Cool!" she said.

She could have just as easily embarrassed me. Instead i was... admired? We just kinda stood there for a moment in time and then i crossed my arms back and smiled.

"Foot cuffs too!" the guy said and they all looked at my feet, and the guys also looked at my legs. i guess that's when i smiled and turned red in the face. All's fair, i wasn't a bimbo nor a heroine. i could live with that.

That's when Rob returned. He covered my shoulders with the jacket i had hijacked from him and kept in the back seat of my car. After that the six of us all just kinda wandered apart. When we were alone again Rob asked me if everything was alright and i told him, "Cool!"

We were right in front of a movie and part of me wanted ever so much to go in and do like j and i had done several times, just watch a movie tied up - in public. We were on a tight schedule though because Rob and i both had to go to work the next day and at that moment Rob spotted a place to eat that served alcohol so we ducked in there instead. Hooter's, maybe next year...

As it turned out we had found some sort of local watering hole. There was a crowd almost inside, but it looked good so Rob and i just nodded at each other and decided to stay. They had like a bar and there were booths too. We had already been bold enough and decided to try to get a booth. The bad news being that they were all full. The hostess told us to just sit at the bar and she'd let us know as soon as she had a table ready for us.

What a difference it was. Very few people in even a hint of a costume. i had enjoyed the company of the young group we had been with more than the group inside. Thank goodness we had run into those 'kids'. Try to never lose your youth, think young always, please. My uniform was spotted right off the bat and despite the fact that i had a jacket now to hide my handcuffs behind they still got seen as well as my leg irons - i mean foot cuffs. Both were met with a quick look the other way. It didn't matter though, i had already been exposed to open-minded people outside and if this group wanted to pretend there isn't such a thing as bondage for fun then so be it. Rob and i were still going to enjoy ourselves.

Challenge number one; getting onto a barstool while chained hand and foot! These were kinda high and it didn't look like i could back up to it and just kinda shinny onto the top of it. The bottom rungs were too high to put one foot on a rung while the other foot was still on the floor, not enough chain. "Houston, we have a problem!" i was just about ready to settle for standing at the bar when i felt hands on my hips. Rob spun me around and picked me up and put me on top of the barstool! i watched him with adoring eyes as he sat down and then we faced the bartender. The bartender asked us what it'd be and i started to order a rum&coke. Rob stopped me and got a soft drink for himself and Pepsi-Free and rum for me. i'm not supposed to drink anything with caffeine in it, makes me hyper, more hyper.

I turned back to Rob, still adoring him with my eyes. It is good being married, knowing someone that well, having someone who knows you that well. i smiled in thanks and wiggled my shoulders. Rob knew exactly what that meant and removed my jacket for me. He put it in my lap and i knew that meant he didn't like the idea of any of those people looking at my legs. That says a lot. Rob likes it when men look at me, it makes him proud. The fact that he had covered my legs told me he wasn't getting along with the sideways glances we were getting any better than i was.

i leaned over to him and asked, "Do you want to go somewhere else?"

"Not unless you do, let's eat first and then go." he said with just enough authority to let me know that this was what he decided and also to let me know that i was having a problem i could ask that we leave and it wouldn't be a problem. i smiled and he kissed me. You can't get converts by preaching in heaven, we'd stay!

He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I love you!"

"'Love you more..." i whispered back and kissed him.


It took a long time before we got a booth and by that time i had drank two Pepsi-Free&rums. On an empty stomach after another hard day at work i was pleasantly giddy. Rob ordered something light for me and kept the drinks coming. Now i had ran what would probably happen that night through my head many times and one thing i had tied to warn myself not to do was to not ingest very many fluids. i knew that if i did i would have to visit the little girl's room and that was not something i wanted to do in a public restaurant while even slightly tied up. What is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and subbies? i had to go!

We had finished our meal, i was tipsy (not too bad), and it was about time to go... more ways than one. i let Rob know and he got out of the both so i could get out too. Then he followed me to the restrooms. i was going to try to do what i had to do like i was, but he reached down and grabbed my hands. He released one wrist and held out his hand in the direction of the restroom door. i kissed him in gratitude and ducked inside. When i came back out he slipped the jacket over my shoulders and zipped it up the front. Then he turned me around and pulled both of my hands behind me and secured the free handcuff over my unfettered wrist -tightly! In fact he made sure that both cuffs were as tight as they could be on me over the wrist sweat bands. i could have swooned and fallen on the floor right there!

We made our way out of there and until we went out the door i made sure that my hands were sticking down enough below the jacket so that everyone could see how i was wearing my handcuffs then. Once out the door i folded my arms behind me so the my wrists no longer showed and we walked boldly down the street back to the car. i leaned against him, completely in love all over again.

And we didn't go straight back to the car either. We walked, slowly. Every once in a while we stopped and just kissed.

Another thing that i had played out in my mind before that night was getting tied to a tree. Maybe not right out in plain view, but in a park or something. That didn't happen, but if it had i would have been more than willing. Thankfully a saner mind prevailed, Rob's. We got back to the car and i wanted him so bad that i did my best to get him to take me right there in the parking lot!

Maybe i was a bit more looped than i remember. i do remember him removing the jacket, kissing me a lot and somehow getting me in the car. He put the chain back between my wrists and feet (a loose hog-tie - loose enough that i could kinda sit up in the seat) and strapped me back in with the seat belt. On the way back, once he had gotten to empty highway, he teased and tormented me all the way. We consummated the night before we got back in the house.


A special note to the black-haired girl outside the theatre:

If you are reading this i first hope that you are 21 or above.

2nd: i just want to thank you and your friends for the way you acted when you found me abandoned and in handcuffs. i don't think this night would have worked out as well as it did without your youthful spirit. Thank you.

Let us all take a lesson from you and your friends; that we all try to learn something new every day. Getting old happens the second we stop learning.

And i hope that when you are ready and if you are willing that you too experience the thrill and excitement of being tied up and in the arms of the man you love, the man who loves you.

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