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Reds-Realm of Romantic Restraint
The shevette Show
Updated: September 30, 2002

Welcome back my friends
to the show that never ends.
We're so glad you could attend.
Come inside, Come inside.

Here you'll find the best
Of the damsels in distr*ss.
Come join for all the rest.
Sign up now, sign up now.

Prior to the show i had contacted Sir Roper via email as is often the case.
While what had attracted me to his site had been the excellent quality of his photos and his beautiful models the clincher for me had been a set of photos where the model had been hog-tied using hinged handcuffs, leg irons, and a mean, but simple, ball gag.

i had talked to Sir Roper and gotten him to agree that on the show he'd tie me up just like the model had been. Anyone into bondage for any time at all has tried this tie, but there was something special that i saw in his photos that made me want to try it all over again! Helpless is helpless, but sometimes it's even better.

Sir Roper had been very nice to me and i'm afraid that he impressed me so well that i gushed all over the place like a school girl. Watch as he allows me to re-live one of my fantasies... Oh! did i mention the cowgirl hat?..






  Well gee Sir, i think i have that photo around here somwehere. Ummm... It's ok to call you Sir isn't it?

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