RopeTalk Bondage Chat


The main room on is #lobby. This room is not like those on other bondage irc servers where everyone is right into heavy cyber scenes in front of everyone else or rooms where no one just chats. It is a much more friendly room, dedicated to people chatting about anything at all, but with bondage and sex as the main themes. Main rules are:

  1. Ask before sending Private Messages.
    You don't need to ask before PMing ops about trouble makers or to ask for help, but ask before trying to cyber with them, too.
  2. Polite/friendly behavior required. No rude, arrogant, offensive language, behavior, nicks or continuous swearing.
  3. Anyone who wants to get into a heavy scene will be directed to take it to private messages, #bedroom or #dungeon.
    Basically, no open sex or full nudity in #lobby, but topless dancing-on-the-tables type fun is great and definitely acceptable.
  4. Idlers to be kicked after 1 hour. Guests who never pick a nick can be kicked after 15 minutes.

Other rules to become effective whenever I see the need or feel like it, but don't worry, I hate rules and rarely see the need for many or even feel like enforcing the ones we have.


SirRed Email
michelle_minx Email or contact me as michelle_minx on Skype
Just-Richard Email

Click here for the legal stuff that everyone must read, understand and agree to.

The Command Reference Guide contains way more than you ever wanted or needed to know. It's a 615 page Word document that you can download in zipped format by clicking here.