Too much of a good thing?

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Updated: August 15, 2002

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? We all know we can have too much to eat, too much to drink, too much sleep, too much of anything? On the rest of this stuff i can figure out the answer pretty easy, even too much getting tied up (yes, it's me, shevette!)

Some people's idea of too much is sometimes a lot less than other people's idea of what too much is. While bondage can be practiced alone, usually it's done with someone and that means someone is going to want too much, compared to the other person. i have been very careful not to want too much from Rob, but i got the tables turned on me the other day!

Here's what happened...

Lately the two of us have been having a really good spell of bondage and i've been able to push my envelope more and more to see just how far i'm willing to go. We have been married over a year now so we know each other pretty well. We don't have to sit down and negotiate every scene that we do and Rob knows that when we are into a scene he can do pretty much anything he wants with me, i like that. It's been so long since i've used my safe word that it's embarrassing.

We finally got some time to do a session and we were both pretty anxious to get started. It was about nine or so and the clock was running. Not that we time these things, but we always get up early and have a pretty busy day in front of both of us most days. We were eager to get started...

i had gone into the back bedroom to finish drying off from my shower and get something on before Rob got out of the shower. i had managed a blouse and some panties when Rob dashed in and playfully grabbed me from behind and pinned my arms behind me, he knows that sometimes i like it rough.

i struggled in his arms as he dragged me over to one of our stashes for bondage gear (we have them everywhere - in the house, the car, the shed, you-name-it.) He got handcuffs on my hands and i cut back on the giggling. i know, i giggle when i shouldn't and when i laugh i cry, that's me.

i tested the handcuffs to be sure that they still held me as well as the last time and they did. My wrists are too small for him to put them on me too tight, but by the same token i can't slip my hands free even if he doesn't tighten them down all the way. i'm a subbie, not an escape artist. When he ties me up the last thing i want to do is escape, i like to try though...

Rob was feeling rather frisky. He'd already told me earlier in the day that he was suffering from blue b_lls. He gets that a lot sometimes. i've seen him actually have to go to bed and be quiet sometimes. Of course if i can Help him out i do. i may not be in the mood, but he takes the time to let me get up to speed - usually. The reason why i said that Rob was feeling frisky was because he wanted oral sex as soon as he had the cuffs on me. i used to be timid about oral sex, but that was a long time ago. i'm pretty good at it now, not to brag.

In just a lick or two Rob pushed me onto my back and entered me. He was climaxing almost on the first stroke or two. i laughed, but i was feeling my needs too. He recovered and got out some more of our gear which had him ready for another round. He pounced on me again and i had just gotten a hint of my climax when he erupted again. i knew then i was going to have a long night in front of me.

Rob would not just leave me frustrated, he would see to it that i had my fill too, it would just take awhile. He'd already gone twice so the third get-go would take some time. That's not as bad as it might seem. He'd tie me up for awhile in different positions or something and by the time he was ready to go again i'd be as ready as he had already been. Bondage is good like that, there's not really such a thing as a quickie when it comes to bondage. It can last for hours right on the threshold of a gigantic climax, or days of being very very turned on.

One of the things i like is all that close proximity. Him tying me up and it as intimate as all get out.

He rolls me over onto my stomach and sits on me (something else that i love) and he starts securing my feet. We got some dog collars and punched new holes so that they'd fit my ankles. At first i had problems with leather, there's no locks and the black used to rub off. We've kinda modified these so that there are chain and a way to lock them where they fit my ankles perfectly (we fitted them - a fun experience in itself.)

He gets out the heavy-duty chains (for heavy-duty love-making) and chains my feet together. He scoots up the handcuffs on my wrists and padlocks some of the heavy chains there too then he removes the handcuffs. He's planning a rough night ahead for me, handcuffs can bruise a lot worse than chains. We had gotten lucky and found a chain and padlock combination that fits my wrists really tight. That's the only thing i don't like about handcuffs, none that we have fit me tight. He has my hands taken care of so he loops a collar around my neck, a nice wide heavy one. If i wasn't in the mood for rough when we started i was by now. Don't get me wrong, i'm a subbie so i don't really struggle to keep from getting tied up. i don't swear and put on a hissy-fit, but i do love to pull against my bonds (except rubber straps - they just sap the strength out of me.)

By this time i am pretty helpless, but one thing about scene bondage, you don't stop there! He could run a chain from my neck to my wrists and really have me tied up, or hog tie me, or gag and blindfold me - all great stuff. i had been a little slow off the mark (especially compared to Rob), but i was all nicely turned on now. Time to see what he was going to do with me...

Oh ya, he added a leash to my collar and as he locked it on he told me that we were going outside! Pity-pat goes my heart. We are safe in our bondage, but there's always a thrill about going outside, giving up that little bit more of control.

Rob slides my panties back up and gets on some clothes while i try to figure out something useful to do. i ask where we are going and he sushes me, that certain kind of a shush that means to be quiet until given permission to speak - or i get to wear a gag. i like gags (now), but i've learned that he hasn't put one on me then don't make him - he usually has a reason, a plan, or something.

He's dressed so he grabs my leash and leads me out into the night air. We are having a hot spell here; err... i mean weather-wise, so it's still pretty sticky out. It's dark out. He puts me in the car and buckles me in which is kinda... interesting. We cut through the woods and go about two miles to this old abandoned shed/barn/tobacco barn/run-down building. It belongs to a friend and we go there a fair amount. We keep it bush-hogged, put out sulfur for snakes to keep them away, and bug powder. It's a very safe place for us to go and be outdoors and do bondage.

Rob locks the free end of my leash to a post out there in the yard in front of this old building.

Now Rob and i both love bondage. If we aren't doing it then we are talking about it and if we aren't talking about it then we are thinking it. It's not the only way we ever have sex, just the way we like it the best. We have talked about this being outdoors and me being tied to something and left alone. It's really a thrill. Part of bondage is sex and another part is excitement, i really like that part, but only because it makes the sex so much better! What we have been doing is Rob ties me up outside somewhere and then pretends to walk off. All he does is get out of eyesight and hide. Then he sneaks back and watches me. i know he's doing that, but it's still a rush to imagine being left tied up like that.

So we had talked about the next time we do that he's really going to go somewhere. Not so far that he can't get to me, but at the same time far enough away so that i'm really exposed and helpless. He asks me if i want to do that this time. i nod that i want to. My heart is in my throat. He smiles, kisses me, rips open my blouse, and turns and walks back to the car. i hear my car start and go down the dirt path away from me!

What have i gotten myself into?

So i'm standing there and i realize, i could be at home with my husband cuddling and making love!

Where am i instead? Out in the muggy night and chained to a post! i have to admit that just that quick i had to have some thoughts about my sanity! Rob and i hadn't said a thing about how long he was going to leave me out here like this, where he'd be hiding, how i could get ahold of him in case i had trouble or anything! Heck, if nothing else i might have to tinkle or something before he got back, not to mention the other, more serious possibilities. Well, i have to admit that i don't think there is any chance that someone would creep up on me. That did happen once before, but that's another story and it did work out well.

Still, this is pretty whacked out, even for me. i began to really feel tied up. Someone in chat the other day said that Lorelei and me had been tied up so many times that neither of us could remember how many times it was. i had been startled by that remark and several times i wished whoever had said that would do it again so i could slap his face, even if it was only in chat. i didn't like that being said about me and i really didn't like the idea of it being said about another woman. Men can be pretty heartless at times. They like tying us up, but then they don't show the right kind of respect. i mean, i'm a subbie, but i'm still a woman. Maybe something could go dreadfully wrong tonight and i could die or something, but until that happens i'm just as much a woman as anyone.

No, i don't think i am going to die. On that count i feel pretty sure that things wouldn't go that far. That doesn't mean that i can't feel the weight on my neck from the collar and chain. Actually, to be no more dressed than i am, i'm wearing a lot of weight in steel and leather.

On my neck is the hide of an animal with skin 15-20 times thicker than mine, and it's dead. What if it begins to repulse me that i have a dead animal's skin wrapped, no locked, around my throat? How about the chains around my wrists? Whoa, this is getting heavy! Heavy too, but i mean thought-provoking.

Here i am, born into the world and it's a world where my hands and my feet are made to fit inside chains - even my neck! That's a pretty awesome thought right there. Why'd God make us like this? We coulda had tentacles or something. Hey, i like it though, it does feel good, kinda exciting.

Exciting ya, but how bright? A dog could run up on my right now and rip out my throat! Well, not my throat, i got my collar on, it will protect me, that part of me anyway. Still, a dog could get me and that sulfur doesn't always keep away snakes, sometimes they are so stupid that they crawl into it further. One could get me.

This is pretty stupid. i move my hands and shift my weight on my feet trying to get a little more comfortable. Gosh, how long will i be out here? Will my legs give way? No, i can stand up at work all day. i'm trying to scare myself now. Still, i have been on my feet almost all day anyway already and it has been a busy day. If my legs give out what would i do? Well, for one thing i'm not going to let this leash chain get behind my neck so i'll choke if i have to kinda hang by my neck to rest my legs. People do that, learn how to hang by their neck from a rope. Why are we like that? i bet we do all kinds of stupid silly things that put ourselves at risk. Take cars for example, we don't really need them, and they are one quick way to die. Civilization would not be anything like it is today without cars; still, a lot of people have been killed in them. Half the people ever born are still alive. That sounds pretty impressive - until you take into account how many people there are alive today, and how many more keep getting born.

Enough of this being morbid. i could die because of this, but i'm not going to. i stretch out the chain between the collar on my neck and where it's pad locked to the post that Rob put up for me. i was pretty glad when he did that. It'd be something to have fun with we knew. Maybe bondage is like motocross racing; it's stupid, risky, and people die because of it - but it's fun. i'm scared now, and uncomfortable, but there's an inner fire or something telling me that this feels good way deep inside. Odd.

i brace my feet and give the collar/leash thing a good jolt with the back of my neck. The collar is probably strong enough to break my neck, i know the chain is. Maybe i can get the chain to slide down the post and i can sit. Or i could try to get the chain off the post by getting it off over the top. Ya, i can see me trying to shinny up this post with my hands tied behind me. i look at the post again. Getting the chain off over the top might be doable, i'm not going to try it right now though, i'll think about it. It would be nice to get free from the post. i could walk back down the path back home again. But then Rob wouldn't know where i'm at and if he found me missing i know he'd have a pure stroke. Still, it'd be nice to sit down. i try pulling the chain down the post with my neck, but the post is bigger at the bottom than at the top, it's not going anywhere. i jolt the post again to see if it shakes any. If it moves just the least little bit then i know that i can get it back out of the ground. i'm not all that strong, but i guess i've got all night to worry this thing into submission. It doesn't wiggle or budge a bit.

What was that word tracee invented in chat? Squiggle! She's a mess, love her though. i wonder what she's up to now. Giggle, she might be chained to a post of her own! No, she doesn't like chains, ropes are her thing, so she can maybe escape. Wow, is this me, thinking about how to escape this mess? Well, i mean to really escape. i guess that's part of what keep bondage alive, the thought of eventual escape, freedom.

Escape and freedom aren't quite the same thing. Freedom i guess is something you want and it's good. Escape is where you leave something that happened to you. Maybe some one put you in prison, or you got covered up in bills. Freedom must be the thing that gives you the will to escape. No, that's not right either. People get stuck in their own situation and stay even if it's bad. The only time they escape is when it gets too bad for them. So how would that apply to freedom? Escape is leaving something too bad, so freedom could just be a situation that's not bad enough to inspire escape? Whew, that doesn't say much for us human beings.

My skin is damp. i guess part of it is from the humidity in the air. It feels almost like dew. Too early for dew to fall - of course i can't remember ever just standing around waiting to see when the dew fell before. Chuckle. Bondage gives the time to think, halleluiah! We do so many dumb things in a day.

We all think we are super human, especially the younger people, i know i did. i wonder if that's a part of bondage, showing us that we are not super human, that there are things we can't do - no matter how bad we want to do them. Like sending Sir Red that pair of handcuffs i promised to send to him. i've gotten the box to put them in, something to wrap them in, i've cleaned them, and pretty much done everything except send them. i know why he wants them, something of mine, something to bring us one more step closer to knowing each other. He's a dear man, kinda scary in a bad-boy kinda way, yet sweet in his own fashion.

i look around. Behind a stand of trees i can see the light of a town making the haze glow. It'll probably be scorching again tomorrow.

Suddenly i hear a sound. Well, i've been hearing sounds all along, woods sounds. This is new, a rustle in the bushes, or maybe just the wind blowing. If there's someone out there then there's not a thing i can do about it. It could turn out like before with Ed when he found me in the woods tied up, or maybe this person could just kill me. That's a nice thing about being helpless, if someone i going to kill you then you don't have to worry about it. i mean you sure couldn't stop them. Maybe that's another relief that bondage gives me. i've read about how people on death row get calm when they finally realize there's nothing they can do. i think it was just the wind anyway.

i scrape at the ground with my bare feet getting the pebbles away from under me. Actually my legs are doing pretty good. i'll most likely still be standing fine by the time Rob comes back for me. i wonder where he is. That could have been him making that sound. He's always hidden before and watched out over me, i bet he's doing that right now, i hope so.

i lean back on the post and look up into the sky. Not many stars down low, that means lots of haze, lots of humidity. A bead of sweat slides down my face into my mouth, it tastes salty.

Suddenly i stand up off the post, turn around, and give the post a strong tug with my neck. Nothing, except i feel a little like i'll get a headache if i do that much.

"Let me go!" i tell the post, startled by the sound of my own voice.

i don't want to be tied up any more, i want to get untied.

For all of our intellectual hub-bub we are nothing more than children. We all want it all and we all want it now.

i twist my wrists in their chains, it hurts but it feels good too. i arch my back and seeing the post again i go to it and rub my br__sts against it, carefully. They tingle and my nips are fully erect. i tease them against the wood. i find the place with cracks and avoid them because that's where the splinters are likely to be. i find a smooth spot and delight in the sensation of touching myself there like that. i squat as far as i can feeling the collar ride up my neck, the cool chain feels good on my chin and i touch myself with the post. My hips sway and i moan enjoying little gasps opening my mouth making the chain dig into my chin slightly. i do this for a time and then turn and rest my back against the post, my friend.

i know i've done it now. i've gotten myself stirred up. Another drop of sweat slides down my face. i can feel more forming on my arms, my legs, my stomach, my back. One drop rolls down between my br__sts and tingles so good that i bite my lip to keep from moaning. The last thing i want Rob to see is me making it with this post. Already plans are forming in my head on how to stand so that i can rub myself down lower on it. i've got to stand still, pace myself, chill out. My arms ache nicely.

There's no way that i am going to be able to chill out! All these chains on me, i can't forget that i'm tied up! Oh, and they feel so good!

i stand wobbly all the way back up again and step away from the post. i shake my head clearing it, trying to think about something else. A drop of sweat rolls down my thigh, i ignore it as best that i can. My mound aches, i guess this is the sensation Rob feels when he say he has the blue b_lls. It hurts. The muscles in my tummy roll and knot. At the grocery store i need to remember to pick up some hot sauce. Rob loves hot sauce on everything. i think of him, his face. His body almost appears in my mind but i think of hot sauce and turnips.

Cautiously i lean back on the post. Don't get frisky on me ol' post ol' buddy. Just sit there and let me lean on you and look at this field here. Another bead of sweat runs down my leg, i ignore it.

We grow too much tobacco and corn and cotton around here. The land needs to recover from crops like those, they suck up all the nutrients in the ground. It's not good. i guess the farmers should know better, but i guess they just keep putting more fertilizer in the ground. Fertilized; bad word. Next subject. Almost spooky...

i twist my hands in my chains and they pinch me without mercy. "Oww!" i think almost aloud.

Lights from the next town...

It's getting cold now.It hurts, but i am glad i didn't speak out loud. Sometimes a voice can be comforting, even if it's your own. This time though i want to be as invisible and as un-noticeable as i can be. i don't want anyone to find me like this, except for Rob. Everyway i twist my wrists seems to make the chains bite harder. My skin is damp, sticky. i try to relax, adjust to my new condition. It still hurts. Which way did i twist my hands to begin with? Maybe i can twist them back again and get the chains to slide back into a more comfortable position. Where would Rob be now? Can he see that i am having trouble?

How long will he leave me out here? Face it, i've been begging for this. Ow! Am i going to make it through this? i'm always preaching safety on the net, i guess i need to listen a little too. How wild am i going to get anyway? i'm already way out there compared to some other people i know, i mean before this happened i was way out there. Now i'm first in line for a stupidity award or something!

i hear a noise and turn to see what it is. Just a truck on the interstate cruising for destinations unknown. That would be exciting. i had some people come into the restaurant where i used to waitress one time, a couple. i could tell they were very much in love with each other - and with driving the big rigs. They told me about this game they'd play on a long haul when things got boring sometimes. They'd pick an object and try to figure out how many miles it had on it. Take the lock that was helping my chains pinch my wrists. The steel was mined somewhere and it had iron that was dug up one place and shipped to the steel mill, the same for any brass the lock had in it, like the key. i wish i had that key now. Then there was the chrome on the hook part and who knows what they add to get the different kinds of steel. Some of it might have been made in one steel mill where they make the case-hardened whatever stuff, then there would be the rivets that hold it together, the laminations, and the dad-burned locking mechanism. How many different places were involved in the making of this stupid lock? Then there was the packaging used when they sold it, the warehouses, the stores around the world. All of that converging to be here right now and pinch the mud out of my wrists! Ow!

How much work had gone into making it possible for me to be tied to this post tonight? It makes me wonder. It makes me feel not so super human. The wrist pinching makes me - ow, well it just hurts!

i look back at the post, my good 'ol friend the post. Rubbing it would feel good, i'd never be able to get off, and i probably end up frustrated if i tried...

Maybe i could just rest my feet a bit. Maybe if i put my front against the post the leash would be long enough to let me get my knees on the ground. i approach the post warily, i know how alluring it can be. It's pretty dark out. The moon is out weakly, but there is some light reflecting back down off of the haze. Tomorrow is going to be a scorcher for sure. Carefully i use the post to close my blouse as much as i can. It's titillating (no pun intended), but i manage to cover myself a little without becoming romantically attached to the pole. Sheesh, where are all these bad jokes coming from!

Carefully i lower myself in front of the post inching my knees to the ground. The leash chain tightens and my knees are still inches from the ground. i carefully transfer as much of my weight to the chain being careful not to hurt myself, no luck! Stupid chain! Give me a little break here! And with that the chain slips down the pole. i now have partial contact between my knees and the ground. My neck is in the process of getting longer. This doesn't feel as good as i had hoped it would. i'm a little winded from the gyrations to took me to get this close to my goal of a somewhat comfortable position so i rest up. One thing is for sure, i don't have to worry about falling over!

Gosh, how am i going to get back up again? On my feet! On my feet i mean! i try to move my hands and all it does is make me more aware of the post i'm pressed up against. Man, this is like degrading. i can feel the thing pressed up against my body! One br__st against either side, my stomach, my thighs! Oh you miserable post you!

But i've got to try. i don't want Rob to find me like this and besides my neck is long enough already. Getting down is always easier than getting up again. When i had slide down i had been able to walk my feet back and get down like that. If i tried to slide up the pole i don't think i can push on the post hard enough to use it to help me up. "If only my hands weren't tied!" i think and the thought combined with the knowledge that there i not a single thing that i can do in this world to get them separated to where i can use them gives me a thrill so bad that i can almost pee myself!

i get an idea, mother is the necessity of invention. i can support my weight briefly on my neck, swing my legs up and straddle the pole and just stand back up again. Not too bad. A little rough on the neck and a little chancy on the straddling the pole part. i really don't want to rub all up against it. If i do then my body is going to take over and i'm just going to frustrate myself!

Ok. On a count of three; pull back with neck, support weight, straddle pole, plant my feet on the ground and stand up!

1... 2... 3...

Yow gosh! The pole presses into me, knees off the ground, oh straddle this bad boy! C'mon feet! Get under me! Yas! Stand up - slowly, i don't want any splinters down there! Grunt gasp grunt!

if that was so bad, then why do i want to ty it again? Ok, i did it! I got left out in the woods all tied up and i can't get lose. This is getting old now so Rob you can come and untie me now. Better get me now while i'm turned on, because in a bit i'm going to start to get mad - and you know what that's like...





Time passes...


i'm ready, come get me Rob...




  i am still turned on...

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to kinda mess with the pole some more?

Now i've done some things in my life that i thought were kinky, but rubbing myself on a pole?

Come on girl, get a grip! Ok, so i'm turned on. i'm all tied up and that always gets my motor going. The longer the better, right? i am invincible! Hear me woman, i can roar!

i sigh heavily and lean on the pole. i can feel it, it's touching my b__bie, and that's not even a hot spot for me!

i wonder what Sir Red is doing about now. He's probably up this time of night. He shouldn't do that. He needs to be up in the day and be in the bed at night, with his wife. She's a corker! Giggle. i'm glad she's not jealous of me and Sir Red. i like him a lot. He makes me weak in the knees. If he was here he'd untie me and not leave me tied to a post all night! No! What he'd do is make me send him those handcuffs! i wish i could do even more for him. Not jump his bones though. It'd be interesting. Gotta think about Rob, and it wouldn't be good for Sir Red either - or Pat! Or me! Sigh...

This net stuff is so... wild? Hairy? ..something... So many people out there. Gotta love 'em. Maybe i should do a write up on this for them? Ya, right! Then they'd know what a loon i am! Giggle, it doesn't matter though. At least there i can be anonymous - if they get upset with what i write then hey, i still had my say. Not that what i have to say is so all fangled important, i just feel the need to get it off my chest. It has been interesting.

It would feel so good to touch that post again. i eye it. It doesn't move, an admirable trait in a lover. Sheesh!

i look at the old truck parked near the shed. Rob had wanted to get it and fix it up. Rob is like that, he hates to see anything go to waste. Me too for that matter.

i put my cheek on the post and think of Rob. i feel a sensation of comfort and rub my cheek softly on the weathered post. Well, we put it in to hold me and it's sure doing that! i smile a bit and gently kiss it's wooden hide. When i was a kid my folks used to go out a lot at night, nothing fancy, just down to the local moonshiner's place. Mom, God bless her soul, wasn't a drinker - but dad sure was. Was he ever! Dad would go drinking, mom just tagged along and kept him out of too much trouble.

They'd stay out late a lot. They'd drop me off at the neighbors and when i'd wake up in the morning i'd be back in my own bed. i guess the folks kind of took advantage of the neighbors though. They got tired of the folks showing up in the middle of the night to get me. Can't blame them.

So what the neighbors started doing was putting me out when they got ready for bed. i'd walk across the road and stay on the porch like they told me to do. i'd see their light go out and every once in awhile a car would come by. i kinda made it a game out of guessing which car would be the one with my folks in it. i'd say to myself, "This is them!" and i'd watch to see if i was right or not. Usually not, so i'd curl back up and try to get warm, and i'd wait, kinda like now.

Now, don't get me wrong, i wasn't one of these abused kids. Sure, dad had a temper, i guess it's where i got mine from, that and red hair. Mom has a pretty good temper even now, sometimes.

The folks kept going out and dad's drinking got worse. One night i was waiting on the porch and there was a bad storm coming through. i was a good girl though and i knew to stay on the porch. i remember that it was cold that night and there wasn't a dry spot on the porch anywhere. i just curled up in a ball and whenever a car came by they were all going to be my folks, they weren't though. The folks didn't get back until almost dawn. All sorts of cars had gone by and i had wished on everyone of them. And they had all surprised me by driving on. Ya, melodramatic. The good news is that they did come home and they covered me up with kisses and carried me inside to my nice warm bed.

Dad's drinking didn't last much longer. He was a mean drunk and him and mom would fight. They had a big one not long after that, mom stood up to him and dad put down the bottle forever. i could have let all of that scar me, but i didn't. The way i figure it is we have choices in life. Take the good and leave the bad behind.

A tear ran down my cheek and it made me happy. i could have been one of those people that keeps everything all bottled up inside, but i'm not. i consciously decided not to be like that. Life is choices. i guess that's why i cry when i laugh and laugh when i cry. Whatever is in me is going to get out! i licked the tear from my lips and kissed the pole where a tear had touched it. Kinda neat, a mixture of a tear, a kiss, and me on the pole for all time.

i still hate to wait. Everyone does, but i might get a little more depressed by it than most, i guess. This waiting for Rob is killing me. i know that for a subbie a lot of it is waiting. For me the usual is to get tied up and then try to get loose for awhile and then get rescued. If i never had that private time i don't know what i'd do - i'd sure ask for it. i guess that's what i did tonight. Bondage relates to so many different parts of my life.

i turn around and put my back to the post. How long have i been here now? The post feels good on my back and i use it to rub my shoulders. The chain is still pinching my wrists, but it doesn't feel so bad now. i kinda like the feeling i'm feeling, being helpless. It's not so bad, really. Guys always want to protect. We don't always need that all the time. i'm completely independent. i like being rescued, but maybe not right away. It's been long enough now though. i listen for the cars on the highway a couple of miles away. It's pretty quiet. i know it's way beyond midnight and i try to match the number of cars going by with what i think the traffic is like at different hours. That's not a very good system though, traffic after midnight kinda dies down pretty quick. To the south is Wilmington, on the big holidays the four lane stays pretty busy all weekend. It's not a holiday weekend and it's quiet now. i have this whole corner of the world to myself - for better or worse.

Maybe i can figure out a way to sleep. Lets see, butt on post, knees locked, and bend over and let my leash support me? No, it'd be pressing on the front of my throat and trying to choke me. Maybe if i put my legs way far out with my back to the post too and the leash part to one side... i can't remember if it was in chat or in a letter, some guy wanted to know if when i have my hands tied behind me and a rope going from there up high somewhere if i worried about passing out or falling and breaking my arms at the shoulder. Snicker. When my hands are tied like that i can't just drop to the floor. A body is a pretty resilient thing and if i were to pass out i'm sure that the pain of my arms being pulled like that would bring me back to before i hurt myself too bad. i've been injured before in bondage, but it's just like any other sport, accidents happen. You just get back on and ride again!

So sleep is out, i guess that means no dancing either, huh? Maybe i could face the pole and straddle it and just lean back with my torso until i run out of leash. i don't think i could sleep like that, but i'd sure get in a lot of squirming and rubbing! Chortle.

It does sound interesting though. Wish i had a ciggie so i could mull it over. i face the post and put one leg to either side then i squat until the chain on my neck gets tight. Careful, i'm sure i can support my weight with the back of my neck, but i don't want to bruise myself. It's hard enough when i go to work and notice i still have handcuff marks on my wrists from the night before. Like i said, handcuffs don't fit me that tight, but i struggle like i'm possessed sometimes during sex.

i stand up a bit using the leash to help me balance myself. i kinda smile and give into the temptation of pressing my mound into the wooden post. Oh yas, it does feel good! i need to stand up again and stop this. i will, in just a minute. i promise!

i lift my feet up off the ground an inch and most of my weight is pressed up against the post right between my legs. Talk about an itch that needs scratching! i arch my back feeling the collar holding me up by the back of the neck. i'm holding on tight to the post with my thighs, but it's no problem. i might not get any sleep like this, but golly does it ever feel just great! What a slut i am! i pull against my wrist chains, not to try to escape but just to feel them more. Oh i am so tied up! At first i try to stop myself and then i give up even trying. Look at me ma! i'm humping a post! Gross!

But it doesn't feel all that bad!

i'm doing exactly what i promised myself i wouldn't do. And it feels so good. i am so close to getting off! i struggle and pull against all of my chains, but all the hip-grinding in the world isn't going to make me climax. Sad story, but it's true. For climax i need insertion.

Well, that's not quite true either. Rob can put his hand on my knee and order me to climax and i'll feel it happen right then and there. Even when i try to imagine Rob ordering me to climax i can't do it on my own. At least not like this. i moan and groan almost silently until i am nearly worn out. Lot's of good feelings, but no prize.

i put my feet back on the ground and carefully stand up wobbly. i caress the post with my shoulder. My br__st touches the wooden post and sparks nearly fly! Usually i'm not all that sensitive up there, but i almost always have a roaming erogenous zone. There are the spots that are always wired like my neck or behind my knee or my thighs, and then there's a surprise zone that could be my elbow or my kneecap that's hot wired. i guess this time it's my b__bs, Rob should be here! Guys always love messing with my chest!

i lean into the post hard and think in a whisper, "C' mon Rob, come get me - i'm ready!" followed by "Oh please come on!"

i'm still pressing myself into the post and looking around for Rob to come back. This would be an ideal time! i try to call out to him, but i am afraid. Afraid to make a noise, afraid that he will not come. Tears roll down my cheeks. i knew i was going to make myself miserable by rubbing that pole.

There's a thing that i have heard of in bondage. It's like a break-down. You cry and blurt out all kinds of personal stuff that you have buried way down deep inside of you. Maybe i did that, i don't think so though. i had problems as a child. We all have to go through that. The teen years are always hard of everyone i think. For me it was reconciling myself with bondage. When i was a little girl i was only allowed to watch certain sows on TV or at the movies. Then when i became a young teen i was allowed to watch TV after nine at night. Those were the so-called adult movies. i was pretty disappointed. The big difference between those stories and the ones i had been allowed to watch before then was that in the adult movies on TV people died. Definitely heavy stuff, but not something to feel all happy about. One thing though, that's when i was first exposed to bondage - or people tying people up. Mostly what they were doing was taking control or freedom, but my young mind knew that there was something more there. It was exciting to think about someone getting tied up - even more exciting to think about getting tied up myself.

Now i am tied up, am i ever! It's so sexy, and in a strange way liberating...

Attacking a post isn't my idea of a way to spend a fun night. i'm kinda embarrassed that i even did it. i said earlier that we are all like children, maybe i should have mentioned that we also have a streak of animal in us too, especially where sex is concerned. Where do we come closer to being animal-like than sex? Maybe our eating habits...

Is there a relationship between eating and sex, i mean the way we deal with it? Too much food leads to health problems. What does too much sex lead to? And is there such a thing as too much sex? And if so how can i find it? Giggles

i shrug my shoulders, partially to give up trying to imagine what too much sex would be like and partially to just move my shoulders. They are getting sore. i can do better than a day with my hands tied behind me, i've tried it. i've got to have circulation though and i do need to be able to move around a bit. If Rob leaves me tied up all night it's not too much for me to handle. i can sleep with my hands tied behind me. i'm not as refreshed the next morning as i might be with my hands in front of me or not tied up at all, but that feeling when i wake up in the morning and realize i am tied up is very nice, very nice indeedy.

Now i can have my hands tied and five minutes later i need to be released, like if the circulation is cut off or something. Bondage isn't magic, you have to use your head. Something i didn't do tonight. i should have found out from Rob where he'd be, how long he wanted me to be like this, and how to let him know if i'm in trouble and if i'm ready to be untied. Part of bondage is a game. That makes sense, because it is a fun thing.

It isn't feeling too fun-filled right now though. i move my shoulders again.

i could just stand here and wait to be released. That's not me. For one thing i still don't want to be released yet, not before sex. If Rob was to come up and offer to untie me right now or have sex i'd go for the sex. i rub one thigh against the other at that idea.

i like science fiction and i'm a genuine Star Trek fan. One of the things that interest me is time travel. i think it would be way cool to go back to the western days - and bring car. It would be a gas. One thing i like to do, when i have the time is imagine that i went back there and found my counterpart from the western days and brought her back into the present. An imaginary invisible friend, kinda like kids have. The difference is i don't talk to her. i just imagine how i'd explain some of the things around me and what's happening to me. It makes writing a lot easier to do. Let's just say i have something like an adult version of a kid's imaginary invisible friend. What would she think of my predicament?

i imagine she'd flip out and explaining to her while i'm very much tied up and it's getting very uncomfortable right now, i still like it. Well, not at this very second, but Rob is going to come for me shortly and when he does it's going to be great. i'm talking about the sex mostly. The harder and more intense the bondage is the better the sex is. One person said it's like dynamite, the more restricted it is when it goes off the more explosive it is. i can be very explosive, right now even.

Either it's my imagination or it's beginning to get light out. What time does the sun come up? This time of year around five or five-thirty i'd guess. Dang! Has it been that long? i mean i know i've been tied up for a long time. Time can almost stand still when i'm tied up.

Ok, real life is coming crashing back again. First off, i don't want to be standing here still tied up when the sun comes up. Who knows how far away someone could see me and decide to come on over and see if they were really seeing what they thought they saw. Second, even after i got untied (unchained) my wrists are going to be red and marked almost all day long. i've got things to do and i'm going to be too worn out to do them and too marked up to go out of the house. Where is Rob? Did he get sleep? Was he in an accident? Am i going to end up out here until someone finds me?

No, it's not been that long, it must just be my eyes adjusting to the dark. Not really! It only takes about 45 minutes for the eyes to adjust to darkness. Ok, so have i been here 45 minutes or from 9:30 until 5:00? Seven and a half hours? It doesn't feel much closer to nine o'clock at night than five in the morning. So which is it? Ok, so how sleepy am i? Don't forget to allow for adrenalin, say an excitement factor of a billion or so. Time to get serious. i jolt the pole again with my neck. i feel a headache coming, it feels nothing. i tentatively put my hip into the post, i do it again, hard. It moved, no much, but it moved!

At this rate how many times would i have to bang into it to get it where i could uproot it? Hard to say. If i did manage to knock in down would i be able to get the chain off or would i have to try to tote it around by my neck? Just pretending that i could get rid of my friend the pole, could i walk two miles still shackled? That didn't sound too promising.

Me and my friend the post... Where the flip was Rob? This is getting serious now! There is no way that i am ever going to get free. Chains really work! Enough of the fantasy. i know Rob HAS to be out there watching me!

There is no way he'd ever just leave me tied to this post, not really. i know i was faking a little bit, playing games in my mind. Rob is somewhere close by. He'd never leave me tied to a post, half naked and just go home. Let's get real here.

Part of me getting tied up is, as i have heard it expressed on the net, a gift. A way for me to give of myself to my man. That's true to a point. Another part of it is just because i like it. It does something for me that i don't know of any other way to get. That's part of it, from my point of view. From Rob's perspective i imagine there are interlocking points. He ties me up because he knows it turns me on and i hope there's a facet where he likes to control me - which turns him on. There could be negative points, and they do pop up from time to time, but the idea is to leave those sorts of things alone. Wanting Rob to be mean to me, truly mean, would be destructive, just like if he decided to be mean. No, he's somewhere close at hand keeping an eye out for me, reveling in my helplessness as much as me.

That means that he's watching.

Logic tells me that there are a number of options to get him out in the open where i can see him. If he thought i was in danger he'd come. i could probably call out to him and he'd come to see what i needed. The most fun way to get him to show himself might be to become as alluring as i can be. Hello Mr. Post!

This could be fun! i push myself into the post grinding my mound against the post, one b__bie on either side. This had better work. If he doesn't come to me before too long then i am going to be one very frustrated woman! i rub my cheek against the post feeling the semi-coarseness. This isn't so hard to do. i feel my body responding and there is almost a gratitude to the post. i turn my face into the post and feel the wood rub across my hot lips. i kiss at the post, playfully, seductively, needfully. i close my eyes and let the mood swell inside me until all the rubbing and grinding come without any conscious coxing on my behalf. My tummy turns a flip, that's where i really feel it when i am in wanting - it's not the only place, but it can be a painful place. Speaking of painful places, my nips are so hard that they hurt. i touch one of them to the post, carefully. The reaction is half way intense! It's so touchy, my whole body is touchy! My breathing changes.

i pull back from the post taking a full step and a part of another before i run out of leash and my collar is pulled suddenly against the back of my neck. My lips still burn and i step forward, reach down with my mouth and grab the chain leash. It feels good in my mouth and it's cool and damp. i twist around letting the chain wrap around my head, gagging myself as i turn until the back of my head is pinned tightly to the post. i finally dare to moan. A moan born in the depths of time by my ancestors when cavewoman found out why there were cavemen. i try to bite at the chain and it pinches my lips and cheeks against my teeth. i struggle in the grasp of my gag feeling how it now holds me against the post.

i pull my hands against each other feeling how it exposes my br__sts to the cool damp night air as i arch my back. Call me a wanton woman, hear me moan softly through my gag. i bend forward and the chain gag leash forces my backside against the post. My body tingles and just the air against my skin is enough to send flashes of fire and ice shooting. Meanwhile deep inside me pure fires burn, my tummy turns and knots painfully. My mound is so swollen, so wanting, so very very alive as is all of me. i am a teased nerve exposed to a lust bigger than i am, the lust of the world. Every nerve is my body reports stimulation to my brain and it is all that i can do to keep from screaming out loud.

My hands find my backside and tease and caress. i want to be tied up more - lots more! Tie me tight, stretch me to my limits and then pull me over the boundaries kicking and screaming! Do to me what i cannot do to myself. Oh gosh, gimme climax! Give me release. Let me explode in joy! Oh and gag me so that i don't shatter the world when i do climax!

i turn around and unwind the leash so that it falls from my mouth. i am in heat! My breath is ragged. i am an animal, panting and pulling against the post, my chains, and my predicament.

A wave passes over me. A wave like might announce the coming of a tsunami, a tidal wave. Oh yas, it's inside me for sure and it's coming. Oh it says it's coming and all i can do is invite it. i cannot make it come quicker, come now, nor can i delay it when it decides that it will wash over me carrying me to the heights and the depths of life.

And just as the first wave tickles my shore i feel weak in the expectation of the storm coming. i lower my head and try to compose myself. i shiver suddenly feeling the world around me, the cool, damp, night air. i take a deep breath to steady myself with. i want Rob, i want release, not from these chains, i want him inside me!

i open my eyes hopefully.

i don't see him, i look around, i still don't see him. Ok, i didn't want to have to do this, but if it's going to take calling to him to get him to come out and make me whole again then so be it...

"Rob?" i call even softer and meeker than i intended, softer, weaker, meeker, more wanting than i knew i had in me.

There is no answer. i barely heard my voice myself. i frown, but only for a instant before trying again. Someone a foot away may have heard that one. i take a deep breath and call out. This time i achieve the volume i wanted. It's still very weak. i try again. i'm sure this level won't reach him. This is the child sick in bed at night calling out for her mommy - and the mommy always hears, and gets up. It never works with guys. My stomach knots again. i know i have to call louder than this.

"Rob?" i call. Someone maybe 20 feet away may have heard me. This is hard for me, it's very hard. This is being on the front porch again and calling to a passing cars - that never stop. Tears run down my cheeks. i have to do this.


Silence - a silence that walks over to you and sprinkles chills down your spine.


More silence, and more sprinkles down my back. i know what i have to do.


i don't mind calling Rob 'Master', in fact it make me feel proud - and it's a little exciting too. It's something else to be tied up in the woods and call out that word...

i swallow deeply and work up my courage. "MASTER!" i call. And the sound makes me cringe to think what if i was heard by some stranger walking down a not too distant path. i touch my forehead, my damp with sweat forehead, to the post and close my eyes in shame, frustration, hope, and confusion.

It's time and i call out "Master!" again. It takes everything i have. It feels like when i was a child and my mom and i had to cross some railroad tracks. The thought of a train coming frightened me so bad that i got so weak in my knees that mom had to literally drag me by the hand the rest of the way across the tracks.

"It's about time." i hang my head in shame. Those are his words. Rob is here at last!..

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